Inventory Control Specialist/Service Technician

Bloomington, IL
Salary: $14.00 to $15.00 /hour

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of an Inventory Control Specialist

  • Develops and implements procedures for ensuring that adequate inventory levels are present.
  • Identifies and optimizes common inventory items.
  • Creates ways to dispose of or sell obsolete items in the inventory.
  • Works with other teams including sales and count room team
  • Ensures that inventory counts are completed regularly and in a timely manner.
  • Audits the facility’s entire inventory on a regular basis and provides reports to management.
  • Responsible for cycle counting and inventory control.
  • Files claims with manufacturers or sellers when defective goods are found in the inventory.
  • Instructs others on how and where to return defective goods.
  • Keeps a particular area for returned goods tidy and clean.
  • Keeps up with changing technologies such as computer software in order to remain valuable to his or her employer.
  • Follows all existing company policies and procedures.
  • Track all service-related company Inventory, Parts, Equipment, Vehicles – may involve using proprietary inventory program in the future. For now would be using our current methods/develop and utilize system.
  • Control Equipment/tools and document condition – coordinate repair, replacement, etc. of equip/tools.
  • Parts room management
  • Charged with the responsibility of the organization, monitoring access, and distribution of parts, equipment/tools.
  • Parts, Equipment, Tools Repair/Replacement
  • Routine Service issues
  • Part Testing/Repair
  • Preparation of Equipment
  • Delivering or Removal of Equipment
  • Special projects inventory related
  • Audits Amusement equipment replacement – cost analysis/ fee tracking
  • Trains other employees in utilizing the system

Involves working with Programmer to develop and monitor Amusement fee system

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Demonstrates the ability to quickly adapt to changing conditions and solve problems immediately.
Shows the ability to work well under pressure, such as when inventory deliveries or shipments become late or forgotten.
Possesses effective written and verbal communication skills; displays reading comprehension skills.
Exhibits the ability to work well with others and maintain organization between cross-related departments.
Displays the ability to multitask and handle multiple issues at the same time without stress.

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