Standard Questions

How much will this cost me?

There is no upfront cost to submitting an application to the IGB. Once you have been approved by the IGB, there is a $100 yearly licensing fee from the State of Illinois. Additionally some municipalities charge a yearly fee for machines. For exact rates please contact ME Gaming.

Why should I add video gaming to my establishment?

Adding video gaming to your business can generate a new revenue stream, helping to boost your profitability. Video gaming also provides entertainment to your customers.

How do I get started?

Contact us at 309-724-8395 and our licensing department will help walk you through the application process. We have helped hundreds of customers and can help to answer any questions you have, regarding video gaming.

How long does the process take?

Once an application is submitted the IGB, it may take as little as 30 days to approve your application. Once approved, machines will be moved into the establishment, typically within a few days. After games are set, requests are submitted to the Illinois Gaming Board to approve what is called a “turn on”. This appointment is granted within 14 days of the request. This appointment date is set by regulatory protocol and outside the terminal operator’s control. On the day of the “turn on” (also known as “go live”) appointment, the machines will be ready to play.

Am I eligible to be a licensed establishment?

There are many types of establishments that are eligible for video gaming. Please give us a call to find out if your establishment is eligible at 309-724-8395.

How much space do I need?

You will need space for the gaming terminals, chairs and a payout device at a minimum. There are many ways to place the devices to maximize the space. We would be happy to visit your establishment and speak with you about your location needs. Give us a call at 309-724-8395.

How will this affect my current customers?

Many customers choose to create a private gaming area to provide privacy not only to players but from existing customers. This can easily be accomplished with a wall or even how the devices are placed to create a barrier. Give us a call today to discuss how we can help you at 309-724-8395.

Can one terminal operator offer me more than others financially?

No. The IGB has a very clear and defined no inducement policy. The revenue split is written in Illinois law and mandates 25% to the state, 5% to the municipality, 35% to the establishment and 35% to the terminal operator. Furthermore, it is a direct violation of the inducement policy to accept anything of value in exchange for signing with a terminal operator.

What makes ME Gaming different from other terminal operators?

First and foremost, we are from Illinois. We have no out of state investors like many of our competitors. By using a 100% Illinois owned company, your money stays here to be spent in your area and your business. We are proud to say we are a family owned company with over 36 years of experience.  We know our customers and have a special relationship with each one, allowing us to provide better service and anticipate needs. We want you to be a part of our family.

Service & Support

Do you service my area?

Yes, Midwest Electronics Gaming service reaches throughout the entire state of Illinois.

What happens if one of my machines is down or is broken?

Although ME Gaming does as much preventative maintenance as possible, and regularly visits every location, machines sometimes have an issue. With locations and technicians throughout the state, one phone call will dispatch a technician to you quickly to resolve any problems.

What types of additional support do you provide?

ME Gaming has many programs available to partner with your business. Programs range from marketing plans and graphic design to providing helpful ways to increase your profits. Please give us a call to find out the many ways we can assist you.